Get to know the Divine Creatress

The Story

I am thrilled to announce that my dream of becoming a tarot reader has finally come to fruition! I have been working hard to hone my skills and gain a deep understanding of the cards, and I am now ready to offer tarot reading sessions to those who seek guidance and insight. Through the use of the tarot, I can help you navigate life's challenges, discover hidden truths, and uncover new paths to success and fulfillment. My readings are always conducted with the utmost respect, compassion, and confidentiality, and I am committed to helping you achieve clarity and understanding. Whether you are seeking answers to specific questions or simply looking for guidance and support, I am here to help. Contact me today to schedule your tarot reading session!

purple geode rock
purple geode rock
pile of taro cards
pile of taro cards

The Culture

Tarot cards have been subjected to negative stereotyping over the years, which has led to misunderstandings around their significance in spiritual connection. However, I am determined to bridge the gap and erase these misconceptions to prove the importance of tarot in this realm. It is my belief that tarot has the power to connect individuals with their spiritual selves, leading to profound personal growth and insight. By shedding light on the true power of tarot, I hope to inspire others to embrace its benefits and experience the transformative effects it can offer. Through education and understanding, we can overcome the negative stereotypes that have plagued the tarot community and open ourselves to the benefits of this powerful, spiritual tool.

About the Reader

Hello dearest friend,

My name is Amanda and from a very young age I had always been intrigued by crystals, angels, magic, ghost stories, and essentially all things other-worldly. It is my firmest belief that I have been put on this planet to spread love, wisdom, and awareness. My life's mission is to share expressions of authenticity throughout all of my work in the hopes it will bring forth spiritual healing for you, for society, and for our world. I am absolutely ecstatic to finally start this process and be able to share it with you the entire way. May this space - and all our future readings - serve as a safe place for you to be exactly who you are, without ever being judged. With every inch of my heart, I look forward to meeting every single one of you and can not wait for our work to begin.

With Infinite Love,

Amanda E. Kennedy ~ The Divine Creatress